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Classic Clothes Every Guy Should Have

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Tailored Suit in Black or Gray

All guys need at least one suit that is perfectly tailored to their bodies. Modern suits are slimmer cuts than those that were popular in the ’80s or ’90s, so a sloppy suit could imply that you’re woefully behind the times.

Why stick with black and gray? They’re the two best colors to get the most mileage out of your suit. From work to weddings, and from funerals to a formal date, a classic, tailored black or gray suit can be worn in a number of ways. You can also get more mileage by breaking out the suit components and wearing them separately, like the pants with a colored button-up for business casual.

White Button-Down Shirt

Sometimes called an oxford, sometimes called a button-up (the term button-down is reserved for when buttons fasten down the collar). Whatever you call it, you should have one in white for everything from professional wear to church. Look for a crisp, blue-toned white shirt (not yellow-toned) for the most mileage, since it can work with almost all other colors, including gray and navy.

A white button-up should be tailored as well, otherwise it could look unkempt and over-sized. Look for one that fits snugly at the neck, but not tightly, and allows you to move your arms, shoulders, and elbows without restriction. Once you’ve nailed the white button-down, you can start gathering some in other colors, like blue.

Dark Denim Jeans

While skinny jeans might be trendy right now, you can look stylish through the years to come in a pair of straight-cut, dark denim. Dress them up with a sports coat, or wear them on a Saturday with a polo or your favorite graphic tee. If you’re timid about clothing, they’re the ultimate no-brainer.

Cashmere Sweater

f the idea of cashmere has you thinking about your great-aunt Viola, think again – today’s cashmere is amazingly affordable, accessible, and, yes, even masculine.

Here’s the thing about a cashmere sweater: Not only is it super-soft, classic, and warm for the colder months, it’s the ideal piece, whether headed home for the holidays, meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or even for casual Fridays around the office. Something that versatile definitely deserves a spot in your closet. Look for solid, classic colors, such as navy, dark red, cream, black, and brown, and avoid patterns if you want your style to last.

Always check the care instructions for your cashmere sweater before laundering it – depending on the fabric blend, it might be a dry clean-only piece. If you purchase cashmere blended with another fabric, you may be able to launder it as usual and hang it to dry. Whatever you do, though, don’t make the mistake of tossing it in the dryer – otherwise, it might fit your five-year-old nephew a lot better than it fits you.

Blue Blazer

Even if you already own a suit, a blue blazer can further extend your wardrobe, so it’s worth a look. A classic navy blazer can be paired with lighter pants for business casual wear, but can also be tossed over a graphic t-shirt and worn with jeans for a concert date.

Since it’s a jacket, your blazer might need to be tailored to suit your body type correctly, so don’t forget to budget accordingly (around $25 for tailoring). When choosing a jacket, make sure it fits in the arms and shoulders and falls at least to your wrist bone, but no longer than the base of your thumb.

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